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London could have self-driving taxis by 2021

Speeding solicitors in London will have to familiarise themselves with rules and regulations governing self-driving taxis in the coming years. Addison Lee, a reputed British taxi company has hinted that London will have ushered in self-driving taxis by 2021. Addison Lee is a subsidiary of Carlyle Group, an American equity firm and is one of the fastest growing private car hire service firms in Britain, making more than 10 million journeys each year. The taxi firm has also affirmed that it has already formed a working alliance with Oxbotica, a firm that specialises in developing self-driving software.

The two firms will work in close collaboration to develop digital maps of over 25,000 miles around London and on various public roads suggesting the potential positions of traffic lights, road signs, and kerbs in the preparation of autonomous cars deployments. Experts in the automobile manufacturing industry have pointed out that driverless cars may require robust testing before they are allowed to operate on public roads. The UK government will also have come up with new traffic controls for autonomous vehicles. According to Andy Boland, the Addison Lee head, the British public transport will record significant changes in the next one decade, especially after the introduction of autonomous vehicle brands. Autonomous tech will help to address many challenges facing the British public transport currently.

Ride-sharing services will help to address pertinent issues such as the quality of urban air via zero-emission of vehicles, free space reserved for packing and congestion. The long-term goal of the firm is to get a significant portion of the market share of the expanding taxi services, especially in the wake of autonomous car tech which is expected to be worth over £128 billion in Britain by 2035.

The chancellor of London, Philip Hammond has also supported the autonomous car tech to ensure genuine and sophisticated driverless vehicles grace the UK roads by 2021. The UK government has also mandated the Law Commission with the responsibility of performing a thorough assessment of the driving regulations to make sure that the UK tops the global automobile safety. Therefore, speeding solicitors will also have to help the public better understand the new laws governing the use of autonomous vehicle brands.

Uber, one of the major competitors to Addison Lee along with other taxi firms have also embraced the introduction of autonomous cars and waiting for regulatory and safety permissions from the government. Addison Lee is working hard to neutralise the astronomical influence of Uber which has remarkably influenced the industry with the exceptional rider-hailing app. Addison Lee has even acquired Tristar Worldwide that operates in 80 nations and expanded its operations into the US market to expand its international operations. Certified UK speeding solicitors also have an obligation to help the UK Law Commission to come up with effective laws to govern the use of autonomous cars on public roads.